1-1. Method of payment:
We accept payment by money wire, company's check, personal check, credit card, cash card transfer, electronic transfer and cash.

1-2 Credit cards
We accept Visa and MasterCard.

Order Products

2-1 Method of order
Customers can order products through telephone, fax, mail, e-mail, and internet. Order by fax: Please fill in all information in the order form clearly, then fax it to E-World. Electronic transfer and credit card can be used for the payment.
Order by phone: 626-448-3737
Order by fax: 626-448-2163
Order by e-mail:
Order by Mail: Please mail the original order form with the payment to the following address:
E-World USA Holding, Inc
9550 Flair Dr. # 308
El Monte, CA 91731

2-2 Order regulations
If any problem or mistake happens in payment through mail order, E-World will contact you to inform the corrected information by phone or mail. When customers place an order online, we will ship products out within 5 business days. The order will be canceled if E-World is unable to contact the customer in 5 business days. E-World USA will not accept cash payment at the products delivery time.

2-3 Cancel Order Policy
All ordered products that have not been shipped out can be cancelled (via E-mail) for a full refund (including shipping). If you plan on canceling, please let us know ASAP. Once we receive orders we will ship products out within 5 business days. Orders already shipped out cannot be cancelled in mid-transit. We cannot recall items already shipped out of our warehouse.

2-4 Return Policy
Customers can return products to us within 30 days from the day the products shipped out and get 100% refund if the customers are not satisfied with the products or the products are not effective to them when they receive products. For the the oversea orders, all products should be returned within 90 days to qualify full refund.

2-5 Help
Any questions regarding return policy, please contact us at
Email: service@usaeworld.com
Tel: (626)448-3737

Notice for Reward Points of Shopping in our Website

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